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DVDXSoftware Video Vault + DVDXPlatinum - Combine and Watch your DVD Movies and Videos anywhere!


Special Offer! Video Vault v3.0 now includes DVDXPlatinum DVD Backup Software (Save $140). X Software has added the blazing 1 Click DVD Copy convenience of DVDXPlatinum to Video Vault to create the most complete ALL-IN-ONE Movie Backup-Management-Converter software you will find anywhere!!

DVDXSoftware - Video Vault Software for creating DVD movie compliations
Video Vault is a "Rosetta Stone" for the digital video age, enabling you to convert video from any source, including DVDs, VCDs, VHS tapes, Camcorder and downloaded videos.

That's right, one simple interface to save your videos and DVD movies to Video Vault. Once stored in Vault, in just a few clicks you can transfer and view them on virtually any device, from your PDA, your Laptop, blank DVDs, Phones, and even the newly emerging technologies such as Video MP3 players (Personal Video Players) and Wireless Media Servers. Video Vault lets you take your DVDs and Video anywhere!

The amazing part is you don't need to know anything about codecs, formats, bit rates, frame rates, or any other technical information, simply select your device from a list and Video Vault does the rest! In one simple interface you can move your videos off a myriad of consumer electronic devices, store them to view on your computer, organize them, categorize them, then with one-click, transfer them to almost any device with a view screen!

Video Vault Highlights:

  • Import your video from DVD's, VCD's, Tapes, Camcorders, and even Downloaded files

  • Export your videos to DVD's, PDA's, Phones, Wireless Media Servers, and Personal Video Players

  • Create custom DVD's for your In-Car DVD player with no annoying coming attractions or Menus - and store multiple DVD movies on one DVD disc!

  • Store your videos on an external hard drive and take them all with you

  • Transfer dozens of your super compressed videos to a laptop and watch them in the airport or hotel

  • Organize your videos - including custom and preset thumbnails, genres and categories

  • Support for blank dual layer DVD media

  • Copy episode DVDs (television programs on DVD)

  • Limited error correction for scratched DVDs  

  • Fit just the movie on a single disc (No need for 2 discs)  

  • Copy extras, menus, subtitles and audio languages  

  • Copy 'movie' only but preserve menus and chapters  

  • Manually select titlesets (delete unwanted content)

  • Preview individual titlesets and hard disk video collection

  • Copy a movie from DVD files on your hard disk  

  • Copy a movie to your hard disk. (Great for viewing movies on a laptop)  

  • International telephone support

  • Create DivX DVDs

Video Vault is your solution for combining DVD movies!

With the advent of DVD Camcorders and DVD Recorders, a growing number of consumers are creating DVD′s of their home movies and their favorite TV shows. But how do you easily move those DVDs to your Personal Video Player, PDA, Computer? How do you combine these DVD′s, organize them, and create your own compilation DVD′s?

Powerful, Intelligent, Easy with Flexibility in Output Formats.

Video Vault lets you directly convert DVD Movies and Video to the widest range of audio and video output formats. Yet Video Vault is user-friendly - you simply choose the device you want to view the video on and Vault already knows the formats (DIVX, MPEG2, WMV, MP3, WMA, AVI) and settings that work best on the device.

Video Vault - Compile Multiple DVDs onto one DVD

One-click DVD Movies & Home Video to device or any blank DVD disc.

Easy check-box setting selection.

Save All Your Favorite Movies to Your Hard-Drive

With Video Vault you can transfer and store your original quality and super-compressed DVD movies to your hard-drive. Yes, this means you can store all your DVD Movies and Video to one place and simply press a button to transfer and view them on the device of your choice.

Make Customized Multi-Movie DVD compilations, DivX DVD′s, and eliminate annoying Promos and Menus.

Video Vault′s cutting edge file transcoding and compression technology enables you to fit multiple DVD movies onto any blank DVD disc. Additionally, you can create DivX DVD′s which can store multiple movies on a single DVD without sacrificing quality. Got an in-Car or portable DVD player for the kids? Vault can combine hours of their favorite movies on a single DVD which automatically plays from the first movie to the last without and automatically repeats - all without ever having to press a button.

Special Offer! Included with Video Vault is DVDXPlatinum. Make backup copies of entire DVD movies including all menus, features and trailers that fit onto just one blank DVD.

Now included in Video Vault! DVDXPlatinum is the easiest way to back up your DVD movies. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features - is copied to a single DVD in one click. Everything happens automatically with little effort on your part! There is no need to split DVD movies across two DVD discs, unless you choose to do so! Or better yet, pick the specific title sets (movie scenes) you want to compress and burn to DVD!

Supported Media Devices:

Personal Video Players (PVP): Apex, Archos, Creative, Epson, iRiver, Mobinote, MpAvio, RCA, Samsung, Zvue and many more!
Media Servers: D-Link, Hauppage, Microsoft Media Center Edition
PDA's: Pocket PC & Palm
Phones: Microsoft SmartPhone and Palm (Treo)
DVD's: All Single and Dual Layer DVD's supported

Supported Video and Audio Formats:


Note: Video Vault does not backup copy-protected DVD movies, however, where allowed by law, you can use DVD ripper software like DVD43 or AnyDVD which integrates into the software so that you can backup copy-protected DVD movies.

Buy Video Vault + DVDXPlatinum SE SuperPack Now!

Buy Video Vault + DVDXPlatinum SuperPack (Download) -  US$99.99
Buy Video Vault + DVDXPlatinum SuperPack (with Backup CD) -  US$119.99

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